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The Big Three.

There’s a lot more to looking good and being healthy than just showing up at the gym for an hour a day…

The first big question to ask yourself is, “Why am I going to the gym?”. The answer will no doubt be either to get fit and healthy, or to look better naked, or a combination of both.

If you’ve been doing the same routine long term and just aren’t reaching those goals, don’t feel fitter or stronger, don’t feel healthier or your body hasn’t changed shape how you would have liked, then it’s time to have a rethink.


The Crossfit Regain Approach.

Here at Crossfit Regain, we focus on health as the number one priority and in order to do that, we encourage our members to focus on lifestyle and nutrition as well as fitness. By neglecting one of these three aspects of your health, you simply aren’t going to progress how you’d like, no matter how hard you focus on one or both of the others.

“You can’t out-train a bad diet and you can’t out-diet a bad lifestyle.”


At the base of the foundations of your health is lifestyle. Getting this right sets you up for success with everything else. Managing stress, both training and life stresses. Not overdoing it when it comes to drinking. Getting plenty of good quality sleep. Making time for yourself etc are all vitally important. Without enough sleep, you won’t recover from training. Too much cumulative stress with hard training mixed in, can just make matters worse not better.


Simply put, the vast majority of chronic disease that affect a large percentage of the population today, are a direct result of poor diet choices. Not only will a poor diet make it impossible for you to lose unwanted body fat, it will also negatively impact on your health. Nutrition has to be addressed as part of a training program, not as a separate entity to it. At Crossfit Regain, we don’t do diets. We advise our members about how their day to day eating should look, full stop. Diets don’t work. They may help drop a few pounds, but for what? This is usually ┬átemporary effect and they generally have a negative impact on health. We focus on how to choose the right foods, for the right reasons permanently, so that you feel good, look good and avoid unnecessary health issues.


There’s a lot more to training than just turning up to the gym, beating yourself up for an hour and going home.

At Crossfit Regain, our Coached small group classes follow a structure that ensures that mobility, strength and cardiovascular fitness are all given equal priority, so that you are always progressing and avoiding hitting glass ceilings or injuries.

It doesn’t matter how strong or fit you are, if you’re that tight that you can’t tie your own shoe laces or put a car seatbelt on without pain in your shoulder!!

Get Involved:

If your current routine is not getting you the results you want, or you feel like you aren’t addressing all of the areas above, then book in for a visit to Crossfit Regain and find out how you can start looking and feeling better ASAP. Click the link below to get in touch





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