CrossFit Regain


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Class Descriptions:

  • Fundamentals

    This is a prep course for our new members. It consists of six hour-long instructional sessions, whereby we will teach you all the core CrossFit movements along with information on the importance of good nutrition and mobility etc.

  • Standard Class

    All members can participate in our Standard Class, which is an hour-long in duration and is coached by one of the head trainers.

  • Open Gym

    All members can book onto our Open Gym sessions. There is no set workout; this is an opportunity for you to practice skills or do your own workouts under the supervision of a trainer.

  • Skills and Mobility

    These classes are held on a Saturday mornings are an opportunity for members to work their weaknesses and to get advice on how to improve their mobility.

  • Regain Barbell Club

    For all members. This class is dedicated to the Olympic lifts. Starting with logical teaching progressions to establish technical proficiency, as members become more advanced they are given drills and lifting sessions to build strength and power in the lifts. The two lifts have a massive carry over into CrossFit classes.

  • Advanced Class

    These classes involve the more technically demanding aspects of CrossFit and require a strong base fitness. Members wishing to take part in our Advanced Classes will have to achieve a certain level of competency first, as set by the head trainers.


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