CrossFit Regain


1. What sparked your interest in Crossfit and how did you get started?

I’d heard a few people talk about Crossfit previously, and thought it sounded interesting, but I’d never made that push to give it a go. In September 2014 Regain opened its doors, and being adjacent to my Rugby Club, it was the perfect opportunity to see if it was for me. I think what really made me give it a bash though, was the fact that I’d got pretty fat and unfit following a serious Achilles injury 10 months earlier. I joined up hoping to shed a few pounds and get fitter, so I could start playing Rugby again. Little did I know, that Crossfit and the Regain community would become a new passion, and not just a way of achieving my health/fitness goals.


2. How long have you been doing Crossfit and What progress have you seen so far?

I’ve been doing Crossfit for roughly 10 months now. It’s really hard to talk about progression in relation to my initial goals, as I went into this with the idea of getting fitter and looking better. The looking better part is subjective, because I guess it’s whatever ‘floats your boat’, but I’m happier with my appearance, and the charity shops of Leeds are happy with the whole wardrobe I’ve donated. I think a lot of people start with goals like losing weight, or getting a six pack. Sooner or later though, the Crossfit bug will bite, and you’ll start thinking more about cracking those first 10 double unders, or hauling your still slightly tubby frame into your first muscle up. My fitness has improved massively, I feel like I’ve got a fair old ‘engine’ on me now, and my strength numbers have been increasing at a good pace. All of this coupled with learning new skills and techniques certainly indicate progressions I never imagined when I first started.


3. Why did you choose Crossfit Regain initially and why have you stayed with Crossfit Regain?

I’ve already mentioned the reasons for joining Regain. I’d love to say I started because I thought Robbo and Tom were top guys, but I’d only met Tom a few times, and never met Robbo prior to my first fundamentals session. I can honestly say that they are both part of the reason I have stayed with Regain though!!

With coaches that ultimately want you to achieve your goals, and reach your potential, but not to the detriment of your health and wellbeing, I’ve found an environment that’s inclusive and supportive with a strong emphasis on performing movements and exercises correctly, so you get stronger and fitter with less chance of Injury.

Another reason I’ve remained at Regain, is the community. I’ve made some awesome friends, and it’s great to leave work and go to hang out and have a laugh with your mates for an hour or so, whilst doing some pretty cool stuff like climbing ropes.


4. What’s your favourite type of workout?

I think I’m more of a ‘chipper’ kind of a guy. That’s a longish workout that you chip away at. Short and heavy isn’t for me, I think because it brings back bad memories of what I was like pre-regain (I’m still short….Crossfit can’t work miracles!!).


5. What’s your most memorable workout?

‘Fight gone Bad’ was pretty savage. We did that when I was relatively new, and I have to say it was one of the hardest I’ve done so far. I think for me though it has to be ‘Cindy’. Tom gave me a bit of a secret strategy, and I managed to get close to 21 rounds out in a 20 minute period. That meant 100+ pull ups, 200+pressups and 300 air squats. I couldn’t have imagined doing that a few months ago.


6. How has Crossfit impacted on you outside of the gym?

My rugby has certainly improved, it’s amazing what a bit of fitness can do. I’m also feeling fitter and healthier in everyday life. Making new mates through crossfit has been pretty cool, and I now have a packed social calendar. I think the beauty of the community is that you can get involved as much or little as you want, but you’ll always find a friendly face and a group of people willing to help in any way they can.


7. Three words to sum up Crossfit Regain.

Fun , Inclusive, Friendly


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