CrossFit Regain


Meet Jess

Q – What was your motivation for starting crossfit?

A – When I first started CF my main motivation was wanting to tone up. I’m now 6 months in and my goals have completely changed. I now want to be the fittest and strongest I can be. I’ve changed my diet and am putting in as many hours as I can. I’m just so pleased I have finally found a type of workout that suits me.

Q – How did you find out about Crossfit Regain?

A – Before CF I was doing Roundhay Parkfit, which one of the coaches ran before opening Crossfit Regain. This meant that I was lucky enough to find out about Regain early on and get booked onto its very first fundamentals course.

Q – What strength and fitness gains have you had since starting?

A – I can honestly say that since starting CF I am the fittest I have ever been. I never thought I would enjoy the barbell work as much as I do and am seeing improvements all the time. I have recently ‘cleaned’ (a Clean is an Olympic weightlifting movement that takes the barbell from the floor onto your shoulders) more than my own body weight, which when I first started I never thought would be possible. I can’t wait to see where I’m at in another 6 months time.

Q – What sets Crossfit Regain apart?

A – I love how friendly CF Regain is. You walk in and everyone knows each other’s names. We all spur each other on in the workouts right down to the last person. The coaches Tom and Robbo are amazing. You really feel looked after. They are always drilling us about technique and putting on mobility classes to help everyone in different areas they are struggling with. What other gym can you walk in to and get all that?

Q – Did you have any mobility or other issues yourself when you started?

A – I got diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in my knee, wrist and thumb about 8 years ago. I used to get a lot of pain especially in my knee. When I first started Regain squatting was quite uncomfortable, however fast forward 6 months and my joints are the best they have ever been and was recently discharged from the hospital as I am doing so well. I have had great support from the coaches and have been given lots of different exercises to help with strengthening my weaker knee.

Q – What’s your favourite type of workout?

A – I love an AMRAP (as many reps as possible in a given time) I like that you know how long the workout will last and the fast pace of trying to get in as many reps as possible.

Q – Most memorable workout?

A – It would have to be the Marine workout. We all knew how much it meant to Robbo as he used to serve in the Marines so everyone gave 110%. It was one of the toughest workouts I have ever done and I will never forget the 45 burpees that you had to end on but the feeling after completing it was amazing.

Q – What achievements are most memorable so far?

A – There’s just so many! I’ve put so many hours into trying to master the double under (skipping with the rope passing under your feet twice every skip) and I can finally do them comfortably. I will also never forget when I did my first ever proper press-up and recently when i did my first ever strict pull-up whilst taking part in the CF Games Open competition. I think its impossible not to see results doing CF. If you put in the time and the hard work then the results are amazing!

Q – Three words that describe Crossfit Regain?

A – Friendly


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